Sept 13, 2008 - Michele & John Czarnecki hosted a party for Czarcrest owners, co-owners and supporters to celebrate our many accomplishments including 3 new Champions so far this year:

CH Czarcrest's Lady Fallon of Hero ("Fallon"), owned by Jim McGuire and Michele Czarnecki

CH Czarcrest's Blue Chip ("Royce"), owned by Chris Heroy and Michele Czarnecki

CH Czarcrest's Cure for the Blues RN ("Curtis"), owned by Michelc Czarnceki


Those in attendance included:

Judy Barrier

Deanna Bassett

Richard Bumstead

Theresa Hawryszkow

Tyrone Kalogeresis

Susan Chapman

Chris Heroy

Lisa and Steve Herff

Marcia and Gary Freeland

Dennis Everson

Greg Smith

Jim McGuire

Caitlin Hawryszkow

Michael Giordiano

Jan Parcel

Leslie Krzemier

Michele and John Czarnecki


John and Michele getting ready for their guests



Judy Barrier showing off the cake


Enough food for an army


Enertaining the crowd are Kyle (Czarcrest's Double Shot) and Darby (Czarcrest's Double Dare Ya!)


Michele talking about Blue's many accomplishments and our new Champions


Susan Chapman presenting gifts to those finishing Blue offspring: Chris Heroy and Michele Czarnecki


Guests playing the White Elephant Game


Another special highlight of the party was the announcement of  Caitlin Hawryszkow and Michael Giordiano's engagement!


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