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Tartan "Clips"


Lily says....."You've got to keep an eye on this black guy!"

Czarcrest's Lily Rowan at Glen Clark ("Lily") and CH Glen Clark Connor at Claflin ("Connor")


If you take the blame for this one, I'll give you my next 2 treats...... Fine, 3 treats!

Czarcrest's Sutter Shoots and Scores ("Sutter")










Hey!  Come back here!


Czarcrest's Cure for the Blues ("Curtis")












Michele and Blue - takin' on the competition......


BISS CH Czarcrest's Blue Moon ME ("Blue")


Brinkley makes his modeling debut.....


Brinkley of Czarcrest ("Brinkley")











Who says I'm not a party amimal?


Czarcrest's Lady Fallon of Hero ("Fallon")


Sparty can bring a smile to every face in the room


Czarcrest's Life of the Party ("Sparty")









Kipleigh puts her best foot forward.

CH Kipleigh of Czarcrest ("Kipleigh")


Bunny?  What bunny?


Sydney William of Czarcrest ("Sydney")











Pretty "cheezie" spa.......


 Czarcrest's Zeus ("Zeus")


Happy Birthday to Me!


Brinkley of Czarcrest ("Brinkley")


A little 1:00 AM grooming in the bathroom!


BISS CH Czarcrest's Blue Moon ME ("Blue")










Teyah on the move......


 CH Czarcrest's Double Latte ("Teyah")


A rare moment in the grass....


CH Czarcrest's Look at Me! ("Emee") and BISS CH Jarred of Czarcrest ("Jarred")










I smell a rat!


BISS CH Czarcrest's Blue Moon ME ("Blue")








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